5 Effective ways to increase your auto dealership social followers through Instagram

They often say that ‘we want a life that’s Instagram worthy’. Instagram has the power to give massive exposure. It allows you to increase user engagement through posting amazing visual content. People share their life stories, increase followers and make business! Yes, you read it right. Instagram is a rewarding platform that can boost sales and grow your business. If you’re into auto dealership and haven’t tried Instagram they way you should, you’re missing out on potential leads.

Let’s take a look at some effective posting strategies on Instagram to increase followers for your auto dealership.

Use Hashtags and Location:
Hashtahgs are more than just trends. Using relevant hashtags on your post increases visibility. Hashtags allow users to easily find your post when they search with particular keywords. On the other hand when you add locations, it broadens your reach and enables people to become more aware of your existence.
While adding hashtags, try to add at least 5 – 9 non-spammy tags that best describe your business or post. You can also create your own hashtags or start off using trendy ones that will drive more followers to your page.

Optimize profile bio:
Instagram is unique in every way. You cannot add link to your image like you add hashtags, but you can include link on your bio. Update your profile as many times as you change picture by adding link on the bio. Give your followers a reason to visit your profile, be it for some seasonal offers, new launch or service details. The more you update your profile, the higher the chance of getting more traffic to your website.

Add videos:
Adding videos is the quickest way to give your audience insight of your business. Videos play very fast on Instagram feed and it can be up to 15 seconds long. You can add customer review, video clippings on your inventory, car features or auto finance solutions to grab subprime auto loans. You can also use Instagram’s newest Watch TV option to go live and interact with viewers on real time.

Don’t bombard with only advertisement:
Since you’re doing a business, advertisement is what you need to do to reach out more audience and get more leads. But when you’re promoting your brands on social media channels like Instagram, don’t make the promotions too obvious. Because, users see the content what they want to see and they don’t choose by the brands. Your Instagram posts should be more user-centric and interactive so that your audiences feel more engaged with.

Company culture post:
For a change, add images of your company culture. Your customers would love to see what’s cooking inside. It gives them the scope to relate to their life. Such posts also make them feel that you’re not here only for business but also to connect with them. Add images to show how your people work together to serve customers whilst they don’t forget to make time for themselves. People love stories, so when you show them behind-the-scene stories, you make more than followers- but friends.

If you feel that relying on a professional auto lead generation company can help you do good on Instagram and other social channels, Auto lead Pro is the place to go. We know how to strategize and plan social media friendly content that will generate more followers and leads.