Are your leads exclusive?

Although some applicants do fill out multiple forms, AutoLead Pro only sells exclusive leads.

Do you get permission to share the applicant’s information?

Yes. After the applicant fills out all their information on one of our secure sites, they agree to a credit check and to be contacted for a potential offer.

How do you generate the leads?

We have many different methods to generate applications, such as:

Internet Marketing

Email marketing

Social Media

TV and radio

How many cars can I expect to sell from your program?

Although we do not provide an exact number, as our dealerships all sell a different amount of cars per month, we can estimate a range of 10-25%. The number will depend upon three major factors: the lenders, dealership inventory, and how aggressively the leads are pursued.

How many leads can you get for me?

We cannot guarantee a certain number of leads. However, we can provide an estimate based upon previous months.

How much do leads cost?

Lead prices vary due to territory.

What are the credit scores of the leads?

Although we do not run the applicant’s credit score, scores will generally range from 400-700.

What info comes with a lead?

Name, address, 2 phone numbers, email, work history, income, social security, DOB, own or rent a home.