Know How to handle Customer Calls like a Pro to generate more auto leads

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Auto dealership has always been a sector where the investment is comparatively bigger. In the age of internet, generating online auto leads is business imperative. Well, dealerships have pretty much perfected the way they need to follow up online leads, yet they need to work more on handling inbound leads. According to some market research, almost 80 percent of consumers buy cars from different dealership than they had actually called for pre-purchase queries.

There are times; customers call the dealership and most often their calls are not received. Inbound phone calls are potential sales opportunities and it’s important to make them priorities to increase conversion. If you want to be sure that you’re not driving away your potential customers, follow these steps.

Answer the calls:

This may seem too obvious to mention, but most of the times sales team ignore many calls due to some inconsistencies in the process which leads to less lead counts. At such point, when you might not even know that you’re losing potential clients, you need to focus at the root. Measuring how many calls have not been answered is not the way out, but ensuring how many callers are connected to the live person can help you make the process right.

Connecting with an auto lead generation company like Auto Lead Pro helps you connect with live online applicants or customers calling your dealership. We have a team working behind the scene to source out fresh and potential auto finance leads for car dealerships.

Collect and provide information:

It’s been seen that most callers fails to provide and collect right information. Improper handling of customer calls shows when salespeople do not identify themselves by name and forget fixing appointments. During the call it’s important to collect basic information such as names, email, phone numbers (preferable alternative numbers also). When someone calls you to enquire about your business, it’s important that you make them feel special. Open-ended questions can make the conversation keep going while the salespeople can collect important data that can potentially turn a mere call into conversion somewhere down the line.

Provide customers a memorable experience:

When you’re on call, be sure that you’re well aware of your inventory. Because by the time you research, chances are that your customers are planning to abort the call. Don’t get eliminated so easy. Keep your answers ready and be inquisitive about their questions. Provide them details of what they’re looking for, even questions on pricing. It’s not necessary to close the deal over phone but giving them a good experience so when you will follow up, they will recall the pleasant experience and remain engaged. Gradually, you may ask them for appointment after you build a good rapport.

At Auto Lead pro, we believe that not everyone can attend a customer call like a pro does. Hence scripts are very helpful. Connect with us and we will help you not only with fresh auto leads but also with scripts that your salespeople need to follow to attend customer calls better way.

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